Choose A Plan That Works For You!

The customer can choose right pricing plan for GoVal VLMS software. Whether you have an expert validation team or are completely new to the regulatory landscape, we will work with your team to find a plan that expertly suits your needs.

GoVal Subscription Plans


Upto 100 UsersMinimum 10 Users

Storage 50 GB

No of active projects 10

No of Equipments 10

Forms 10

Non core user limits 1x

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Upto 100 UsersMinimum 10 Users

Storage 250 GB

No of active projects 50

No of Equipments 50

Forms 50

Non core user limits 2x

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UnlimitedMinimum 50 Users

Storage Unlimited

No of active projects Unlimited

No of Equipments Unlimited

Forms Unlimited

Non core user limits 2x

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Master Setup Data
Project Setup1050Unlimited
Location / Sites
Manage VendorsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Equipment Logs1050Unlimited
Validation Projects
Project plan
GxP assessment
Workflow configuration
User requirement specification (URS/FS/DS)
Risk assessment
Test Management
Test case creation
Test Run
Test case pre approval
Test case execution
Electronic Signature & review
Un Scripted Testing
Discrepancy Form
Traceability Matrix
Validation Summary Report
Inventory Report
Requirement summary
Project execution reports
Settings & configuration
User access management
Role Management
Notification & email alerts
Document number format
PDF Settings
Date Time format
Document Management system (SFTP)
Bulk Import from excel
External Users – Signatures
LDAP SSO connectors
API & Connectors
Word Plugin
Excel Plugin
Android Mobile App
REST API Interface
Additional customization
Support & Documentation
Online training videos
Email Support
Remote support
Dedicated Account Manager
Validation Kit – (URS, FS, OQ, Draft SOP)


Note: At this moment, we have not published pricing plans on our website. Request our customers to approach us [email protected] for the pricing plans and attractive offers.

Software validation Lifecycle under Control, Now in the Cloud

With updates are deployed faster and users get access to alternative pricing options.

Cloud-based Data

Modern cloud platform

pricing plan

Instant-On & auto upgrades

Always up to do date and ready

pricing plan

Flexible Plans

3 new subscriptions plans

pricing plan

Pay as you go model

pricing plan

Zero maintenance cost

pricing plan

No upfront cost to server/storage

pricing plan

GoVal Pricing FAQ

Does Goval software provide annual subscriptions?

Yes, we do. For Annual Subscriptions, the customer will be billed for the selected pricing plan and the user counts. Annual subscriptions may offer a discount depending on the number of users purchased. 

Note: At this moment, we have not published pricing plans on our website. Request our customers to approach us [email protected] for the pricing plans and attractive offers.

Do I need to pay for a year upfront for GoVal ?

GoVal VLMS Subscription plans are billed annually by default. And since we focus on your long-term success, we want to encourage the customers to sign annual plans to avail discount offers.

Note: certain plans may require a minimum commitment of 12 months, billed monthly.

What is the price for GoVal in my local currency?

As exchange rates are constantly fluctuating, the prices displayed are in USD only.  For information on the price of GoVal in your local currency please contact our sales department [email protected].

What payment option do you accept?

As of now , we accept payments via only wire transfer. The details of our bank will be shared with the customer when they sign for the subscription plans.

In future, the subscriptions can be payable by credit card (MasterCard, Visa, or American Express) and other available mediums.

Service Level agreement

✔  To ensure uninterrupted service, SLA based support is provided to our customers. The customers can log the problem ticket via GoVal support portal –

✔  All problem tickets logged with the support team (via e-mail or support portal tickets) are assigned a severity level from 1 to 4 based on the impact on customer business.

✔  The customer determines the initial severity level when placing a request for assistance. Severity levels may be changed after initial contact and assessment of the issue from a GoValidation support team, providing the customer agrees.
Note: Response and Resolution Times are based on the problem severity levels.

✔  We provide standard support from 9AM to 6PM EST weekdays via email ([email protected]) and support portal –

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