Electronic Log Book

Paperless Log Book

with automated workflow solution inline with regulatory standards


  • Electronic logbook is an "out of the box" solution that, as standard, has fully configurable forms to comply with the requirements followed in a regulated environment
  • Efficient platform to store and manage all your lab experiments data.
  • Offers a secure environment to protect the integrity of both data and process.
  • Flexibility to adopt new processes or changes to existing processes without recourse to further software development.

Types of Log Book

  • Equipment logbook

    Equipment Logbooks

    • Equipment Usage logs
    • Maintenance Service order logs
    • Environment Condition record logs
    • HPLC Usage logs
    • Differential Pressure monitoring logs
  • Quality control logbook

    Quality Control Logbook

    • Experiment template logs
    • Sample Registration logs
    • Chemical initiation logs
    • Standard Logs
    • Working standard logs
  • Documentation logbook

    Documentation logs

    • Completed Document Issuance logs
    • Request Issuance and Retrieval logs
    • Training Material Issuance logs
    • Training attendance logs
    • Batch Detail logs
  • Cleaning logbook

    Cleaning Logbook

    • Weekly Drain Point sanitization record logs
    • Sequential Log for area and Equipment
    • Portable equipment logs
    • Accessories cleaning logs
    • In process container cleaning logs


    Extensive Customization

    Extensive customization

    • Custom fields (text,checkbox,select list,mandatory..)
    • Workflow design
    • page templates
    • Spreadsheet options parameters

    Organized And Collaborative

    Organized and Collaborative

    • Simple use
    • Rich text editor
    • Collaborative environment
    • Can be integrated to other software's like LIMS,Elan etc
    • Archive function and experiment transfer

    Secure And Compliant Environment

    Secure and compliant environment

    • Electronic signatures
    • Manage user's access
    • Secure login
    • Secure sharing and permissions
    • Audit trail
    • Log activity

This is a web based application which helps to record various production logs in digital form. The application comes up with a custom work-flow based system which helps organization to setup various check points on the entered data. This primarily converts a manual paper based system in electronic way. This also ensures various detailed entries which are recorded at the event occurrence with user information and time-stamp.

What do we offer?

costume form design

  • Custom Form design
  • System has build in features to design custom forms using the following
    • Checkbox
    • Radio button
    • Text area
    • DateTime
    • Paragraph
  • Creating Multiple forms and grouping forms.
    • Eg: In the manual way , if you have multiple pages , each page can be designed as separate forms and can be grouped under a single document
  • Create formula variables which has calculated fields

  • Configurable work-flow level
    • Prepared by
    • Reviewed By
    • Approved By
  • Custom Document Number as per organization SOP
    • Eg: DF-22011/AB2020
  • Audit Trial enabled- AS per the compliance standards, the system captures action taken by , action taken on and action in detail. It also records host IP address and user access information with remarks.

electronic log book workflow

calendar schedule

Calendar Schedule

All logs are presented in calender view to know the planned, schedule and due date

Configurable reports

Sytem allows user to download the electronic record in xls, csv or PDF format.

Import of Existing records- The system allow user to bulk import the form data in a supported format

configurable report


advantages of electronic logbook
  • ELogbook is accepted in most of the pharmaceutical companies for documentation and keeping the records in digital way.
  • It is very easy to track the GMP records during external audits
  • 100% reduction of paper and manual data entries which comes with automated system.
  • No external download or printing is required.
  • Inbuilt archival system after the completion of study
  • Ensures data integrity
  • Records cannot be tampered or misplaced

Simplify compliance with the #1 rated ELD.*

If you would like to discuss how it can do transformation of your existing process, please contact us